ICP Presidential Message

It is a New Year, a leap year, an Olympic year and 2016. All of these years immediately follow a recent and marvelously successful Biennial Scientific Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. Seoul in 2015 marked the 16th such biennial scientific meeting of The International College of Prosthodontists, which exemplified all that is unique about these meetings – marvelous international fellowship and cultural exchange, all accompanied by an exemplary scientific program with a wide range of speakers sharing their experience, scholarship, science and art of clinical prosthodontics. We would again like to extend a special tribute to the Scientific Program Chairs, Drs. Kenneth Malament and Seong-Joo Heo.

The ICP Board meeting held in conjunction with the Biennial Scientific meeting always sees changes in the composition of the board. This September meeting brought closure to the official duties of three ICP members who have served on the Board with distinction. We would like to acknowledge the service of Dr. Steve Eckert who served for 6 years on the Board of Councilors and most recently as Treasurer. Special credit and thanks are extended to retiring ICP Presidents Drs. Rhonda Jacob and Peter Owen for the many years of service that they have each contributed to the College. Peter (14 years) and Rhonda (12 years) have observed and caused to pass, many significant growth and maturation changes with the ICP and its systems. Collectively, Peter and Rhonda are likely to be the longest serving Secretary-Treasurer-Presidential partnership in the history of the ICP. We extend our congratulations on their many achievements and thank each for the years of dedicated service to this great organization. We also welcome new councilors Drs. Limor Avivi Arber, Mario L. Grossi, and Xinquan Jiang.

Turning 32 years of age in 2016, the ICP is progressing well along the path of maturing as an organization. The ICP has established a solid career pathway as it has grown under the stewardship of successive inspired leaders to promote the art and science of prosthodontics globally. This year will see a focus on several exciting new developments in Education and Research. 2015 heralded the establishment of a Research Grants Program and a significant number of applications are now under review for the awarding of a number of ICP Funded Research Grants.

In addition to the ICP Research Grants Program, the Ivoclar/ICP Research Fellowship Program in Restorative Dental Materials was launched in 2015 and applications are open for this prestigious materials research award. New ICP sponsored Education Programs are being considered. The ICP will continue its sponsorship of the ongoing Young Prosthodontic Educators (YPE) workshops in conjunction with the International Journal of Prosthodontics (IJP), the official journal of the College.

Planning for the 17th Biennial Scientific Meeting in Santiago, Chile is already well underway. The ICP has convened on 5 continents and in many countries. This 17th meeting is special as it will mark the first ICP meeting held in South America. We invite and encourage you to plan to join us in Santiago from September 7-9, 2017 for what is promising to be another exceptional scientific and cultural experience.


Dr. Mario Bresciano and Dr. Brian Fitzpatrick,
ICP Co-Presidents

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