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Please review By-Laws Updates regarding Nominations:

By-law 5: Elections
5.1 Elections
Normally, elections shall be held at Biennial Constituent Meetings.  However, elections may be held at any constituent meeting  provided notice of the election is included with the required notice of meeting.
5.2 Nominations
A. Normal
Nominations shall be made by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board of Councilors. The list of recommended candidates shall be made available to members before the constituent meeting at which elections are to be conducted.
B. Additional
The Board of Councilors may, but is not required to, accept additional nominations from constituent members of the College provided such nominations are made in writing, endorsed by two other constituent members, signed by the nominee, and delivered to the Secretary at least 90 days before the constituent meeting at which voting is scheduled.
C. Posting
The list of all nominated candidates shall be posted by the Secretary on the website at least 60 days before the constituent meeting, and in a conspicuous place at the constituent meeting site.

5.3 Voting

Election of officers and councilors may be by acclamation or by written ballot, voted either separately or by inclusion of the entire slate of nominees. However, any office involving a contest shall be voted separately by secret ballot. Voting by proxy is not permitted.  The candidate receiving a majority of votes cast shall be declared elected.

5.4 Installation

Notwithstanding the requirement for terms of office to begin coincident with a fiscal year, an installation ceremony for officers and councilors may be conducted during the constituent meeting at which the election is held or during a related social event.

Terms of Reference 2.3

IV.  The Nominating Committee shall select only those candidates who fulfill the following criteria:
Candidates must:
  • Have been members of the college for at least six continuous years
  • Have attended at least two meetings
Candidates should:
  • Have demonstrated active participation at some level in the college (committee participation, committee chair activity, program chair, some other level of activity)
  • Have shown leadership ability and experience in other national and international organizations
  • Be considered for their strategic benefits to the Board (geographic, gender, minority representation)
VII. When taking into consideration the geographic/regional distribution of all members of the Board, the Committee will consider the distribution according to the three regions listed in the site selection criteria by using as a guideline a range of three to six members per region.
1. North and South America
2. Europe and Africa
3. Asia and Oceania.








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