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The Ivoclar Vivadent / ICP Research Fellowship in Dental Restorative Materials is sponsored by the International College of Prosthodontists (ICP) and Ivoclar Vivadent Corporation. The Fellowship will provide a financial award of $40,000 USD towards a one-year restorative materials research program. ($30,000 for research, and $10,000 to cover travel costs and materials). An Applicant and Mentor will work together on this research program. This unique collaboration will provide leadership, support, and knowledge that can make a positive impact in the advancement of dental health care.

The Fellowship selection process will identify an exceptional individual from an advanced prosthodontic educational institute, one who has a passion for dental research and is willing to dedicate themselves to provide meaningful research focused on dental restorative materials and techniques.


  • The Applicant must be an ICP member
  • The Mentor can be a department chair of the Applicant, or a respected prosthodontic individual, eager to assist the Applicant
  • The Applicant must be enrolled or received an advanced prosthodontic education from an acceptable prosthodontic education program, as determined by the ICP
  • A Mentor may recommend an Applicant (see Mentor Recommendation below)


The following is an overview. Download Policies and Guidelines (PDF file) for details

  • The research topic selected by the Fellowship candidate will be a major factor in selecting the Fellowship recipient, and will be subject to review by the Selection Committee to determine if it is aligned with the objectives of the Fellowship
  • The Fellowship will have a one-year term and will begin in July of 2020. The program dates can be flexible and negotiable within the needs of the candidate and the supporting educational institution.
  • The Fellow and Mentor will be sponsored to attend the next ICP Biennial Scientific Meeting to present their research findings.
  • The recipient shall be free to publish and present the results and data from research supported by the Fellowship, with certain restrictions (see Policies and Guidelines).
  • If the recipient does not complete the one year Fellowship, the financial contributions will be returned.


Prior to completing the on-line Application Form, please download PDF file Policies and Guidelines. Save or print and keep for future reference. In order to expedite your application process, use these downloaded documents as a guideline and worksheet.


A Mentor may recommend an Applicant. Please fill out this form>> Mentor Recommendation


The Ivoclar Vivadent / ICP Research Fellowship application is on your ICP Member Page,
Ivoclar / ICP Fellowship Tab. (ICP Member login required)
Application Overview: Fellowship Application (PDF file) for review only. Applicants must be ICP member and must submit application on the ICP Member Page.
To apply for Fellowship, link to >> Application Form   (ICP Member login required)


The Ivoclar Vivadent / ICP Research Fellowship in Dental Restorative Materials cannot take place without the generosity and vision of sponsoring companies, allowing the ICP to continue our mission...The International College of Prosthodontists internationally promotes the specialty and discipline of prosthodontics.


Dr. Patricia Claudio

The ICP is pleased to announce Dr. Patricia Claudio as the 2018-2019 recipient of the Ivoclar Vivadent/ICP Research Fellowship in Dental Restorative Materials. Dr. Claudio is a PhD. Student in Restorative Dentistry, with concentration in Dental Prosthesis in São Paulo State University (UNESP), Institute of Science and Technology, São José dos Campos. Experienced in the area of Dentistry, with emphasis on Prosthesis and Materials, working mainly on the following topics: mechanical properties of dental materials, bio-inspired structures, ceramic surface treatment, fracture analysis, adhesion in dentistry, and biological interactions of dental materials.


Dr. Salazar Marocho


Dr. Patricia Claudio will be undertaking her work with the supervision of her mentor Dr. Susana Maria Salazar Marocho at The University of Mississippi Medical Center, School of Dentistry in the USA.

Past Winner of the Ivoclar Vivadent / ICP Research Fellowship in Dental Restorative Materials


Dr. Julian Conejo                          Dr. Marcus Blatz

Congratulations to Dr. Julian Conejo, the 2016-2017 recipient of the Ivoclar Vivadent/ICP Research Fellowship in Dental Restorative Materials, along with his mentor Dr. Marcus Blatz.


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