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The 17th Biennial Meeting of the ICP will be held at CentroParque over the dates of September 7-9, 2017. Our agenda will bring together leaders in prosthodontics from around the world. The city of Santiago and the CentroParque area will provide an outstanding venue for social networking.


Contact Turismo Milodon directly to book your airport ground transportation:
Turismo Milodon
Contact: Ignacio Molina
Office: (56-2) 2367 1422
Mobile: (56-9) 7806 0999

Please complete this Transfer Service Request Form and email the completed form to Ignacio:
Pricing chart is listed below:


1 – 3 paxs

4 – 6 paxs

7-9 paxs

10-16 paxs

17-40 paxs








USD $130

USD $180

USD $220

USD  $280

USD  $420


Please Note: Travelers from Australia have to pay a reciprocity tax/visa fee upon entry, but only by air. This is in response to those same countries' visa fees for Chilean citizens. The one-time charge is valid for as long as the passport is valid and can be paid in cash (USD) or credit card. The fee for Australians is US $112. There is no fee to enter by land.

By Plane
Santiago Airport (IATA: SCL) (ICAO: SCEL) is the main Chilean gateway for international flights. The travel time to the city centre has been drastically reduced recently, with the construction of a new tollway, the Costanera Norte.

There are airport buses running on two slightly different routes operated by CentroPuerto (Ch$1600 one-way) and TurBus (Ch$1700 one-way), which both go to the city centre, with Centropuerto running every 10 minutes and TurBus every 30 minutes. However, both buses also stop at the Pajaritos Metro station en route, and due to the heavy traffic east of Pajaritos it is a good idea to alight here and take the Metro line 1 towards Los Dominicos to the city centre (10-15 min).

Transvip runs a shared-ride shuttle service and have a counter immediately after customs, before you exit into the main terminal. A ride to the city center (as of June 2011) runs Ch$6,500 (US $13.00).

Private taxis will charge about Ch$15,000 for a trip to Downtown or Providencia.

Please note that unofficial taxis may take advantage of unknowing foreigners and charge as much as Ch$200.000 (US $400.00) for a trip to Centro or Providencia. It is easy to identify unofficial taxis, most drivers will not have any type of identification, and will insist on taking you to the ATM's around the airport where they will convince you to take out the highest allowed amount (Ch $200.000).

By Car
Entering Santiago by car, you'll probably find yourself on the Autopista Central. To use this freeway you need a device called "TAG", or a day pass which you can buy from service stations. One day passes are Ch$4400. You can also buy it after accidentally passing through it without one.

By Bus
There are bus connections to all major destinations on the continent. The bus ride between Santiago and Mendoza in Argentina has beautiful views and takes about eight hours, depending on the time spent at the Cristo Redentor checkpoint. The border crossing is at about 2800 m in the Andes. Note that fruit, vegetables or animal products are not allowed in either direction; all luggage will get checked at the border. One way fares are listed at around Ch$17,000, but are often cheaper if booked in advance. There are also buses to and from San Juan, Argentina, with one way fares listed at around Ch$19,500.

One way fares to and from Lima are listed at around Ch$85,000, companies that serve the route include Cruz del Sur and Ormeño Perú.
The Principals Bus Terminals are located at:

  • Terminal Alameda: Universidad de Santiago subway station, Line 1). Private station for Turbus and Pullman buses. National and international departures. Phone: 7762424 Has a hotel and a few convenience shops.
  • Terminal Santiago: Alameda 3848 (Universidad de Santiago subway station, line 1; across the street from Turbus Terminal). Phone: 3761755

By Metro
Santiago has a metro system with five lines and 94 stations, with many holding rotating art exhibitions. Trains run between roughly 6.00AM and 11.00PM, with each station posting the exact hours for the first and last trains. Buses run parallel to subway lines after hours. Tickets cost Ch$720 for peak periods (7.00AM to 9.00AM, 6.00 to 8.00PM), Ch$660 for shoulder periods (6.30AM to 7.00AM, 9.00AM to 6.00PM, 8.00PM to 8.45PM) and Ch$610 for low periods (before 6.30AM and after 8.45PM). Tickets are good for a single ride with unlimited transfers, and there is no time limit. During peak hours, the trains are usually very packed with passengers, so that new passengers have to wait for the next train or try getting on the train with a little more insistence. Travelling with a lot of luggage during peak hours on public transports is generally not recommended.

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