ICP Supported Scholarly Program

Workshop for Early Career Prosthodontic Educators
IJP/Karlsruhe Young Prosthodontic Educators Workshop (YPE)
Baden-Baden, Germany
, October 12 - 15, 2014                 Registration Deadline: June 15, 2014


The next  IJP / Karlsruhe Workshop for Young Prosthodontic Educators (YPE) will take place
October 12 - 15, 2014 in Baden-Baden, Germany.  It will be funded by the Foundation for
Rehabilitation (F.O.R.), which is an independent, international initiative that seeks to improve oral
health care and support humanitarian leadership.

These unique workshops are presented by a faculty selected from the IJP editorial team whose
pro bono commitment helps develop and nurture clinical scholarship.  The 2014 Workshop is
open to new participants as well as a small number of past workshop attendees. Attendance and
free registration are limited to 36 participants who are preferably already ICP members.

The YPE workshops are provided by the IJP's editorial group to function as an international
faculty in their efforts to encourage and develop clinical prosthodontic scholarship. This is an
extraordinary educational initiative that seeks to underscore the international nature and
commitment of our prosthodontic discipline. Such dedication to the highest standards of
education are endorsed by the ICP. Potential YPE participants are encouraged to consider
attending this highly appreciated effort, to nurture strong scholarly commitments to
the clinical discipline.

Registration Deadline Date: June 15, 2014                         Link to >> YPE Application Page
                                                                                  New Applications are no long being accepted.
                                                                                  Please check back again for the 2016 event!

The ICP provides limited workshop support through competitive funding to assist attendance for
participants from developing countries. Potential participants should provide confidential information
about their funding limitations, confirmed by their Head of Department / Program Director, and submit
their funding request to the ICP Administration office.

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